The Pro versie can be applied by authorized applicators only.

Benefits of the Pro versie:

  • Extremely water resistant
  • Insensitive to UV radiation and high temperatures
  • Insensitive to corrosion or oxidation
  • Very deep shine
  • Cannot be removed by washing

White Diamond Coating

White Diamond® Coating is a base coat and is extremely resistant to all weather influences but also to many chemicals, making the layer extra easy to maintain. It hardens the paint to the maximum of 9H so that the protection is harder than the varnish layer 2 layers is recommended, in order to obtain a thick layer.

White Diamond® Coating offers you the best protection through the molecular ceramic 3D structure. We guarantee that it is the best quality of ceramic coating currently on the market.

Thanks to the result of the reaction that the molecules make on the paintwork, this coating crystallizes. The effect is a durable and strong protective layer on your paintwork.

The protective properties and performance of White Diamond® Coating have been extensively tested over long periods, by both detailers and customers. Due to the hardness of 9H and the flexibility of the coating, this guarantees that the coating will continue to perform after a longer period of time, even in extreme conditions.

Only 1 coat of this coating is required to achieve and guarantee these performances and properties, but we would like to announce that several coats extend the life of the coating and improve scratch resistance.
However, we recommend combining this Coating with the White Diamond® Shine for ultimate protection.

White Diamond Shine

White Diamond® Shine is a topcoat that protects the paint for a long time and adds extra shine and depth. The result is that every extra layer makes the paint less susceptible to scratching! The result of a thick smooth top coat is that the surface becomes extremely water-repellent, causing rain and wash water to bead and run off. This makes the weekly wash easier and faster.

As you can see, this coating is meant if you really want to maintain your car properly. After each wash, the coating creates a deep and high shine.
Because the coating does not yellow or oxidize, your paint will always look new during the protection period. Also because this coating protects against UV rays, your paint will not become matt by the sun.
White Diamond® Shine is intended as an extra protective layer or as a top coating.

Our recommendation is to apply White Diamond® Shine on top of White Diamond® Coating for the ultimate protection, depth and shine.

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