Nano Ceramic and Graphene Coatings

White Diamond Coating®

Thanks to the unique chemical formula of nano coating, the coating provides a very thick (about 3 micrometers), hard and shiny protective layer, resistant to almost all weather conditions that can have a negative impact on the car paint.

Every surface has "imperfections" such as small pits that are microscopic.

These variations allow the nano-coating to form a close connection to the different surfaces. The 'net' that is formed not only adheres well to the surface, but also forms a very dense structure so that chemicals or detergents cannot penetrate.

You can have coatings applied by many car companies in Belgium, but the quality may differ.

What is Nano Coating

 A difficult question to answer! If we look at nano coating from a technological perspective, matter on a scale of 1 millionth of a millimeter is called a nanoparticle.

Because the particles are so small, they can become one with the surface instead of covering it. This provides a seamless barrier that makes the surface hydrophobic (water-repellent), but also resistant to UV, scratches, chemicals, extreme heat and even anti-graffiti.

Nano coating is a dirt and water repellent coating.

Protective benefits

Tired of having to wash your dirty car again? Are water stains, dirt and deposits stuck in your car?
Find out how to protect your car for more than 2 years

What is 9H?

The hardness of coatings is measured on a pencil scale. The maximum achievable coating hardness according to the hardness scale is 9H. The hardness of the coating 10H and above, which some "companies" offer, simply does not exist. 10H hardness only applies to diamonds.

Why White Diamond?

White Diamond Coating® is the ultimate coating for car paints!

White Diamond Coating® creates a new surface layer on your car through a chemical reaction.
The resulting revolutionary coating is UV resistant, water and dirt repellent, insensitive to scratches and easy to maintain.

This product has a 10 times longer lifespan than ordinary dealer / paint seal products.
White Diamond Coating® is a paint sealant based on silicon dioxide, so that the new layer is permanently sealed to the paint.
This is an essential difference with most common paint sealant / paint protection products.
These are based on a much weaker adhesion, because polymers are used.
The major drawback of these polymer-based coatings is that they will damage in the foreseeable future and therefore quickly lose their shine and protection.

White Diamond Coating® not only forms a thicker protective layer than standard coatings, it also offers independently proven industry-leading levels of gloss, scratch and chemical resistance and durability, and is the strongest layer against bird droppings.
White Diamond Coating® can be applied in one or two layers.

Here are the benefits:

Extreme durability: Unlike the regular polymer coatings, White Diamond Coating® becomes the actual functional surface of your car.
It does this by chemically reacting with the paint on your car.
You understand, this compound is many times stronger than, for example, a polymer or wax that adheres to the paint on your car.
In tests, the White Diamond Coating® beat the coatings applied by your dealer.
It is 10 times more durable.

Scratch resistant: White Diamond Coating® forms a very thin, crystal clear film that is extremely hard.
This makes this coating extremely effective in preventing minor scratches due to the wrong washing technique on a relatively soft car paint.
We tested with White Diamond Coating® panels in combination with uncoated panels and panels with different types of high-quality Canadian waxes and polymer coatings.
The White Diamond Coating® panels were up to 50% less scratched.

Water and dirt repellency: White Diamond Coating® actually replicates the repellency of plants, which repel water and dirt to keep their leaves clean.
The most common example of this is the leaf of the lotus plant.

The White Diamond Coating® is distinguished by high durability and resistance to scratches, chemicals, mud, brake dust and many other types of dirt.
The highest quality, the advanced nanotechnology, as well as the deep and impressive shine, ensure that paint treatments with the White Diamond system are used for the paint treatment of the most exclusive brands such as Lamborghinis, Ferraris, exclusive Mercedes cars, BMWs, Land Rovers and Audis.

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